Top Disney Pixar – 2010 Movie Favorites

Disney Pixar has a way of making movies that appeal to just about everyone, of every age. It would be next to impossible to personally choose what I think would be the Top Disney Pixar movies – my family and I love a number of them and call them each a “favorite”. However, in terms of overall popularity, there can be a such thing as picking a “best” list.

With that in mind, here are the Top 5 Disney Pixar movies coming into the year 2010:

1. Disney Pixar Up – This movie is the most recently released on DVD and involves a retired (and rather elderly) balloon salesman who decides to “beat the system” and go on the ride of his life – with balloons! A very cute film, with some funny moments as well as some truly touching ones.

2. Pixar Toy Story – I believe that this is the first of the Pixar movies, and is obviously still a favorite since it remains toward the top of the list of popular movies for kids and family. Always a good pick to watch – especially if you feel like you need a good laugh!

3. Toy Story 2 – The follow-up to the first Toy Story movie, this film has a unique storyline that is just as entertaining as the first. There are some funny new characters as well, and has some dramatic moments that take the viewers from laughter to being “on the edge of their seats”.

4. Monsters Inc. – The Monsters Inc movie comes next in line in popularity this year. It has a story that is unlike any other I’ve seen, with a merging of two separate worlds that kids sometimes even have nightmares about, but with the world of the “monsters” not actually being scary at all.

5. Pixar Finding Nemo – Here is a story that will likely always be a favorite for kids and families to watch. An adorable story about a “little boy” clown fish who years for more personal freedom and a father who is afraid to bend the rules. Very sweet, truly funny as well.

There are (of course) more movies from the Disney Pixar lineup – and I understand that more will be released this year! However, if you are looking for a great movie for kids and families to watch you will be hard pressed to beat the list above of Top Disney Pixar movies for 2010.

Do You Like Sad Love Stories?

Do you like sad love stories? Do you enjoy curling up next to the warm fire with a heartbreaking story? Or perhaps you like watching those sad love movies on TV? Why do you like them? Why not romantic comedies instead? Are there benefits to watching the sad movies over comedies? We all know laughing is good for the soul. What about crying? Do you like to let it out every now and then?

What is your favorite sad love story or love movie? A classic is Romeo and Juliet of course. To take your own life because you can’t be with your lover is one of the saddest things ever, and the stupidest. There has to be more than one true love out there for you. Otherwise, there would be many people stuck in a miserable life of doom, and that is not the case. There are many people who are happily remarried.

Are there any benefits to watching depressing love movies? When you are heartbroken, it can feel nice to cry your eyes out while watching a heartrending love movie. It is good to have a good cry sometimes. And doing it while watching a sad movie can be the perfect time. Plus, those movies let you know that you are not alone in suffering through this terrible pain.

There are some disadvantages of watching sad love movies. Watching some tear jerkers can actually cause you to eat more. Well, it does make sense if you think about it. Sometimes when people are sad or depressed they may eat more without even thinking about it. Although, it seems like most depressed people are too depressed to eat. Depression is a serious issue and you should consult a doctor for help. Or talk to a good trusted friend or a pastor. Whenever one talks about depression, a doctor should be mention.

Anyway, now reading a sad love story may not cause you to eat more. Again perhaps, you should consult a doctor. Although, what doctors say change all the time. They are always saying something is bad for us and then it turns out to be good ten years later. Anyway, have you ever cried while reading a book? There are some great heartbreaking love stories that will make you cry. Reading the book is always better than watching the movie too. Books are so much more detailed. Find a book that will make you cry, it definitely feels amazing that you are actually crying from a book.

Enjoy watching and reading about those sad love stories. Whether you are in a happy relationship or not, a sad love story can just be some fun entertainment. And if you are concerned about the extra eating, just try to control yourself. It is all about self-control. So go and have a good cry if you want. Remember, though that true love exists. And you may be living in a sad love book right now, but your next happy chapter is about to start.

Sport Movies – Exciting as Well as Entertaining

What do we expect from movies? No doubt, entertainment is the first thing that we would expect from movies. What else? After long hectic schedules of daily work, we would often prefer to go for an amazing movie that can give us lot of excitement and good fun, than those tragic ones. Sport movies are the kind of movies which can give people utmost joy and pleasure.

The sport movies are built upon sports settings like football field or baseball stadium, arena, or the Olympics etc. Often you would find a competitive event or various athletic events being the central point upon which the whole story of the movie is built. Mostly the protagonist of the story is a boxer, footballer or a racer or any other sports person according to the demands of the story. Sports movies does not necessarily be fictional, they can be non-fictional also or a combination of both. However, they would surely belong to one or the other subcategories like biopics, dramas, comedies, documentaries, fantasies, film noir and melodramas.

Whatever may be their category, sport films are widely popular among the masses. The sound tracks of the sport movies are often exciting. The narrative and commentaries in the sport movies are also marvelous. Excellent sound track, good choreography and real like settings make the sport movies unique. Many sport movies have won the hearts of the audience and remained evergreen till today. Some of the most popular sport movies include Olympia (1938), Bull Durham (1988), Raging Bull (1980) , Hoop Dreams (1994), Hoosiers (1986) , Remember the Titans (2000) , Million Dollar Legs (1932) , Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson (2005) and Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) etc.

Many sport movies are also based on real stories. Some of the renowned sports movies which are based on real life stories include The Great White Hope, Gentleman Jim , The Cinderella Man etc. The Pride of the Yankees (1942) is also a famous sport movie based on Lou Gehrig the reputed baseball player of the New York Yankees. Another film Ali starred by Will Smith is based on the life of boxing champion Muhammad Ali. Somebody Up There Likes Me released in 1956 is also an excellent film highlighting the life of middleweight champion Rocky Graziano.

Sport movies are always acclaimed. Till now, movies on various sports, including football, cheer leading, wrestling, chess, boxing etc have been made. But, the most popular sport themes in the Hollywood seem to be baseball, basketball, American football, soccer and boxing. However other sport themes like horse racing, golf and wrestling are also greatly appreciated by the audience.